Every corner of our Posada promotes wellbeing.

Posada Yolihuani has 10 rooms, each warmly decorated with typical Latin American style. Endowed with a country-like atmosphere the Posada invites you to feel comfortable, calm and relaxed. The overall environment is home-like and informal.

Breakfast can be served in the covered patio, the verandas, or outdoors near the avocado tree. Everywhere there are flowers, plants, and music from all over the world.


hotel yolihuani room balam

BALAM (Tiger)

Everything is in yellow in this spacious room on the ground floor, with two Queen Size beds. Sitting here gives you a wonderful view of the avocado tree and garden.

hotel yolihuani room isawara

ISAWARA (Shooting Star)

A warm green room, set on the ground floor, with one Queen Size bed. Its window opens onto the grapefruit tree and garden.

hotel yolihuani room 3


A big quiet room set at ground level, with two Queen Size beds. There is nothing better than enjoying the afternoon breeze sitting on the veranda near this room overlooking the gardens.

hotel yolihuani room sichuitoto

(The Hummingbird Place)

In beige and brown tones, this large sunny room on the ground floor has two Queen Size beds, and offers a wonderful view of our magnificient ash tree.

hotel yolihuani room 6


With a stunning high ceiling, this atractive room on the second floor has two Queen Size beds. Sitting on the veranda you have a wonderful view of nearby roofs and gardens.

hotel yolihuani room minka

MINK´A (Reciprocity)

This ample room is an ideal place for families or groups of friends. It has two Queen Size beds and on the attractive mezzanine, one Double bed. It is almost an appartment! From the first floor window, you overlook the spreading branches of the spectacular ash tree.

hotel yolihuani room 7


A cosy room on the first floor, with one King Size bed and one double bed on the mezzanine. Through its window, you can enjoy both the grapefruit and the ash tree gardens.

hotel yolihuani room 8


A pleasant balcony gives onto the avocado tree garden and the Posada’s lovely inside verandas. The room has a wonderful and complex ceiling. It’s on the second floor with two Queen Size beds.

hotel yolihuani room padiushi

PADIUSHI (Welcome)

Equipped with a wonderful sunny bathroom and one King Size bed, this is the ideal room for a romantic weekend.

hotel yolihuani room 10


With a wooden floor, one King Size bed, and chairs, it is just like a small cosy apartment. If you open the windows early, you can take advantage of the first rays of the sun.

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The roofs of Posada Yolihuani are all tile. Inside are hand hewn beams with cedar shingles, supported by beautiful wood columns that have been hand-carved by skillful Michoacán craftsmen. All the beds are fitted with hypoallergenic goose feather and down duvets.

- Special prices for stays over 3 nights.
- Special prices for group-stays

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In order to confirm your reservation we ask for a 50% deposit of your total stay.

The standard fees at the Posada Yolihuani are:

Single room: 800 pesos per night
Double room: 1000 pesos per night
Triple room:  1350 pesos per night
Additional person: 150 pesos per night
These standard fees do not apply to the period of the Celebration of Muertos.




Cancelations of standard fees:

Deposits will be refunded on standard fees if the cancellation is received at least 3 days prior to the date of your reservation.


Cancelations of promotional fees:

Promotional fees are not refundable.  In case of a cancellation 3 days prior to your reservation date, we will extend the value of your deposit for a future reservation, in accordance with the fees at the time of the new reservation.


Note:  During the period of the Celebration of Muertos, the fees and these reservation policies do not apply.  Please consult us.  Thank you.


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